Top 5 sports cars that drive girls crazy

There is just something about sports cars that drives girls crazy. Don’t get it twisted; sports cars don’t just intrigue guys: girls love them too. Though they are not as big as other cars, girls find them attractive.

It doesn’t mean that sports cars are not good enough; it is just a wonder to most people because they are not like normal cars out there and on top of it all, they are crazy expensive.

There are some sports cars out there that just attract women to both the car and the occupants. So for guys out there who are interested in getting the attention of the ladies, here is the list of the top 5 sports cars that drive girls crazy.

Top 5 sports cars that drive girls crazy

1. Bugatti Veyron

This sports car is a classic with a leading edge technology. It is also a unique piece of metal and women are crazy about unique things.

2. Lamborghini

The Lamborghini is an expensive car worth every penny spent. The car oozes wealth, prestige, and power.

3. Ferrari GTO

They are considered the most expensive cars in the world. What woman wouldn’t love the sight of that?

4. Porsche

Porsche sports cars are not only pricey; they are sporty and sleek at the same time. About 11% of women picked it as their most wanted sports car.

5. Maserati

The Maserati is so sexy that its revving engine is said to have the ability to turn women on sexually. Well, you’ll have to buy it to confirm that.

Why are sport cars driving girls crazy?

Keep Calm And Love Fast Cars. Why sport cars drive girls crazy?

Some things these cars have in common is that they are very sleek, expensive, and worth every penny. But there are other reasons why girls are so crazy about them other than their price.

Here are the reasons why girls are crazy about sports cars.

1. They are Risky

Many people find a risk very exciting due to the adrenaline rush, and sports cars would give you that in abundance, thanks to their speed.

The experience can be likened to riding a roller coaster and the fear or excitement you feel when watching a horror movie. This high can be very addictive like any high out there induced by drugs or not.

A little amount of risk or danger feels good to a lady, and sports cars offer just that.

2. They are Limited

One of the biggest appeals of sports cars to women is the fact that they are limited or exclusive to a few people who can afford them. The scarcity of it makes it more desirable.

These cars are not mass produced like other cars; only handfuls are made because a lot goes into making them. They come with cutting-edge technology, and they are hand built. This requires more employees, and they are highly customized, unlike the regularly factory-made vehicles.

3. The Design Mirrors the Function

The design of these cars is attractive because they promise enhanced functions and deliver it. The fact that girls are attracted to sports cars does not mean they are the best cars out. However, they have the potential to deliver in quality performance.