Top 3 Oldest Sport Cars of the World

Sports cars are a hot ticket item. People love to look good in them while others just love the speed and power. Some people love the classics while others like the most modern one on the market. Whatever your preferences and reasons are, you may be fascinated by the evolution of these amazing vehicles. In order to see how far these cars have come, here is a look at some of the oldest sports cars in the world.

1. Vauxhall Prince Henry Sports Torpedo

Oldest sport car Vauxhall Prince Henry

This is largely considered to be the oldest car in the world and it was sold in November 2016 for around £600,000. Back when it was first manufactured in 1914, this car was able to reach a top speed of around 80 MPH. This open top car was first developed by an engineer named Laurence Pomeroy. It was an incredible impressive car back in its day and it was previously sold 50 years ago. It was given to T.W. Badgery after it left the factory and he kept the car until the early 1930s. He used it for around 140,000 miles, which he clocked in between himself and the chauffer that he hired.

2. NW Rennzweier

Second oldest sport car NW Rennzweier

After a 5 week long process, this car was finally manufactured in May 1900. This is a car that is often known as the first racing car. This car was designed specifically for the purpose of being a racing car, especially after the success of their previous models. This was something that they wanted to continue with this car. One notable thing about this car is that it was able to reach a max speed of 82 km/h during its time out on the road. You can currently visit this car at the Czech National Technical Museum. Its engine is a modified Benz, with 2-cylinders that had a power output of around 9KW at 1800RPM. It had a gas tank with a volume of around 42 liters along with another tank that was situated behind the driver, with a volume of 15 liters of coolant in it.

3. Mercer Type-35R Raceabout

Classic sport car Mercer Type-35R Raceabout

There has been some discussion about this sports car being the most admired of that particular decade when it was released in 1910. This is a 2-seated speedster. It was capable of hitting over 90 MPH and had a 4-cyclinder inline T-head engine and 55 horsepower. It was such a powerful car at the time that it went on to win 5 out of 6 of its races in 1911. The only race that it lost that year was the very first Indy 500. A similar model to this car can be seen at the Simeone Foundation Automative Museum.


These are widely agreed upon to be some of the oldest and greatest sports cars. Without these cars revolutionizing the industry, allowing for the innovation to make some of the most powerful and sleek looking cars on the market. These cars are a huge part of this industry’s history.