Top 3 Cheapest Sport Cars to Buy

While on the search for the top 3 cheapest cars to buy, you must keep in mind certain aspects which affect a car’s insurance premium and these include sex of driver, history of driver, age of driver, value of vehicle and type of vehicle. Today, we obviously cannot control the first three points. They are out of our hands. But, we do have an option in terms of choosing your vehicle, for those people who are money conscious. First and foremost, you will learn the types of cars which are not ideal. These include sports cars, due to the obvious fact that individuals who drive sports cars inflict a great risk of accident; hence the insurance company will pass this risk onto us, the consumer, through a high premium. As a matter of fact, some sports cars cost nearly 3 times as much to insure than an ordinary vehicle. Here, you will learn and know the top 3 affordable sports cars.

Top 3

1. Chevrolet Camaro

Top 3 Cheapest car: Chevrolet Camaro
This is considered as the most anticipated American sports car. With 5 different models of this car available, it is hard not to choose this car. It is very affordable. As a matter of fact, it is the cheapest one being about $22,000. This Chevvy has 260 horses running amuck under the hood of this car. It has a tough suspension and an injected turbo engine. It is a nippy number that is easily labeled a FWD sports car. With bucket seats and no-lift feature, this sports car is the ideal base for a supped-up sports car.

2. Ford Mustang

Top 3 Cheapest car: second cheapest sport car Ford Mustang

The V6 Coupe is armed with a regular 4.0-liter and V6, 210 horsepower engine that reaches 18-mpg in city and 26-mpg on highway. With its improved and new body style. Ford Mustang is the best American made sports car. An automotive legend in its own right. With aggressive power, performance, agility and looks, this sports car model has a whole new look; vibe and stunning interior and it come with 15 more horses than its predecessors. This is a sport car that doesn’t need any modifications, but each to their own.

3. Dodge Challenger

Top 3 Cheapest car: third cheapest sport car dodge challenger

This is considered as one of the most affordable sports cars. It has 300 horses under the bonnet and a turbo engine. It is the ideal car for a fun race and on a road of drag slip. With a front wheel drive, the only core alteration that this sports car model would benefit from would be the restricted slip differential.

If you are one of those people who are planning to buy a brand new sports car, these top 3 affordable sports cars must be included in your top picks. In order for you to be more familiar about the awesome features of these affordable sports cars, it is highly recommended to conduct some research or browse the web to help you find your perfect choice of affordable sports cars. By doing this, you can be sure that you can easily pick your dreamed sports car.